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As a ten-year-old child, my mother found it unusual that I despised reading and writing. She noticed holes in my grammar and vocabulary. I went to take a test to find a diagnosis for why I had a strong resentment for reading and writing. I remember how devastated I was when I found out I had Dyslexia. I was later enrolled at the Dyslexia Achievement Center and worked with Barbara Felix. The summer heading into middle school I worked with Mrs. Felix four times a week for the entire summer. Not only did I see a remarkable improvement in my reading and writing, but I was also blessed to meet children going through a similar experience as I was. Every student I met when I worked with Mrs. Felix had their own unique passion and story. For the longest time, I thought Dyslexia defined who I was but later embraced that it was only a part of who I was. The Dyslexia Achievement Center has prepared me for events such as the SAT and ACT. I utilize the tools I learned with Mrs. Felix in everyday life. Working at The Dyslexia Achievement Center significantly impacted my life in a positive way. – A FORMER STUDENT


Our goal for our son was to experience joy and success when reading. The Dyslexia Achievement Center has helped make that possible. Our son never complains, but looks forward to the time he spends learning there. We have watched him grow from being unable to recognize letters in the alphabet to a confident reader. We couldn’t be more pleased. – A parent


Barbara, I would like to extend my personal thanks and gratitude to you and Rebecca at the DAC. Over the past several years, we have worked closely together and the tutoring at the DAC is the reason Javar has excelled in reading and algebra. The Orton-Gillingham Reading Program has given him a great foundation to build on going forward. In one year, Javar went from failing algebra to a B+. I have watched his confidence grow this school year, and I cannot thank you enough for all the time you spent listening to my concerns and giving me advice. I would recommend the DAC to any parent looking for a structured, professional, and caring environment that really puts your child’s learning first. Thank You! –  A GRATEFUL PARENT


I remember the night I found Barb; scouring the internet for local Orton-Gillingham resources, terrified that there’d be no one to teach my daughter to read. Then Barb’s name appeared along with her promise, “I can help”. That August 2012 discovery changed everything. Barb has helped… and then some. For nearly four years, with her expertise and experience, Barb has guided my daughter to new heights in reading and writing skills. Just as importantly, with her empathy, insight, and understanding, Barb has harbored us during some very stormy times. Barb has taught us more than decoding skills; through her example, she has shown us how to keep moving forward with confident determination. To put into words all that Barb has done for my daughter and me is impossible, and yet words are at the core of our bond. So, here are a few words that come to mind when we think of Barb: hope, help, steadiness, trust; concern, encouragement, compassion, care; teacher, mentor, confidant, friend; home, heart, laughter, love. – Janet


As a homeschool mom, I have flexibility to adjust to the uniqueness of each of my students. Keeping that in mind, I tried to find curriculum and methods to help my struggling reader. But nothing seemed to work for him. I am thankful that I found the Dyslexia Achievement Center. Miss Barb has been tutoring my 14-year-old son for about a year now. From the first moment we met with her, she offered us hope. With her warm encouragement and consistent teaching method, my son has become confident that he can succeed. He is moving forward, one successful step at a time. – Rhonda

My son had an articulation disorder, struggled when sounding out new words, and as a result hated reading.  The school said he was fine because he wasn’t testing in the 20th percentile or below.  He was later privately diagnosed with dyslexia, and the tutors at the Dyslexia Achievement Center helped change the course of his life.  His reading speed, comprehension, and accuracy improved immensely, and he was much less frustrated.  If your child is having trouble with reading, don’t wait for the school to help, come here!-a parent

Crying tears of joy-

My 7th graders Reading MAP scores rose 30(!!) points. We are forever grateful for the support of Ms. Felix and the Dyslexia Center in Elm Grove. –Karen






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