I am honored and humbled to continue the legacy of the Dyslexia Achievement Center, LLC that Barbara Felix has grown. Barbara Felix has developed an excellent service organization for dyslexic individuals and their families. She is an extraordinary mentor and leader in the dyslexia community. Much like her, I started my own business to fulfil a need for my own children. My journey as an Occupational Therapist, and a special needs Mom, led me to this special place and see the potential that it has. I plan to continue to expand DAC to serve the community in a broader capacity, and to help as many people as possible.

The core mission of DAC has always been to provide excellent services to dyslexic individuals and their families. Those services now include dyslexia testing, academic testing, individualized instruction, occupational therapy, and speech therapy for individuals with varied language processing disorders. The core mission will continue.

As I start this journey, I would welcome any communication and feedback. I look forward to being a part of the community. If you need to reach me for any reason, please email [email protected]

Nicole Boyington

Dyslexia Assessment

It is estimated that up to 20% of the population is effected by dyslexia or some degree of reading difficulty. Of these, only a small percent ever receive a diagnosis of dyslexia. An accurate assessment, completed by a credentialed professional, provides to these individuals an explanation for their difficulty.


Tutoring & Academic Support

Effective remediation of dyslexia and related reading, writing and spelling disorders is achieved through education. Specifically, a student will benefit from skilled instruction provided by a trained specialist using systematic, sequential, multi sensory phonetic methods of instruction.


Exam Prep

High stakes testing grips students and parents alike; so much rides on the outcome of such tests, and test anxiety can derail even well prepared students. Examples of high stakes tests are college admission tests, entrance exams, pass/fail exams and annual academic placement exams.



Families sometimes need an informed “advocate” to assist them in preparing for school meetings. Dyslexia Achievement Center staff have accompanied parents at IEP meetings, faculty strategy discussions, and neuropsychological evaluation meetings.


Public Speaking

Dyslexia Achievement founder Barbara Felix will describe what is known, what is unknown and what is needed with regard to dyslexia and reading disorders in the population.


More To Come…..

A division of Dyslexia Achievement Center, coming soon

Who We Help

We focus on helping children and adults who have difficulty reading, writing, spelling, and also with math. We utilize one-on-one tutoring, as well as small group instruction based on students whose needs and progress are similar.

Dyslexic actor Henry Winkler, who played the Fonz in the celebrated TV series Happy Days, said, “To me, reading looked like a magic trick, and I wasn’t in on the secret.” Teachers who have been trained by IMSLEC, ALTA, AOGPE, and Wilson Language Training are not magicians, they are trained, knowledgeable professionals that get results.

This is what we do.


Preparing to read is the most important learning task for preschool age children. Yet a certain percent of children miss this critical development phase and are at risk for reading failure. Early screening can identify children at risk for dyslexia by assessing their prereading skills.

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Identification of a reading disorder and delivery of remedial instruction become more difficult as students age. Accumulated frustration and failures lead to poor self esteem.

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Students who have reached college age without reading and writing skills face enormous challenges. Motivated students may attempt to “power through” this stressful period, but without well developed reading and writing skills, most will falter and many will fail or withdraw.

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Many adults in our society have gone through life not knowing what causes their learning challenges. Besides difficulty with reading, writing, spelling and education in general, adult dyslexics often have acquired coping mechanisms which may help or hinder them in society.

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We are pleased to have eight certified reading instructors and two locations to better serve you and your family.
Barbara Felix, MA, CALP

Certified Academic Language Practitioner; Screening and Assessment & Individualized Multisensory Instruction

Kathleen Bussanich, BS, CALP

Certified Academic Language Practitioner; Individualized Multisensory Instruction

Andrea Frankenberry M.Ed., CALP

Certified Academic Language Practitioner; Individualized Multisensory Instruction

Tommy Baas, BA, CALP
Mary McFadden, BA, Adult Literacy Specialist
Jill Marie Low, BA, CALP
Holly Lee, M.A. , M.S., LPC

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