Grades 9 through 12

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The student who struggles with reading in high school has already experienced much frustration and failure. Before any more time passes, this student must receive intensive, focused instruction to build language skills and address core deficits. This must begin with an assessment of the student’s abilities and level of knowledge. Instruction then can be tailored to the most crucial areas of need.

Most classroom teachers are unprepared to take on this work. By high school, it is expected that the student has sufficient reading ability to address subject matter material. Core skills of reading are outside the high school teacher’s expertise. For the student to succeed now, a highly trained specialist must be employed to develop a specific instructional plan and deliver intensive multi sensory instruction.

Dyslexia Achievement Center can help your high school student to read, write, spell and manage peer level work. Our skilled, trained staff of Certified Academic Language Practitioners is experienced in guiding students toward improved skills, whatever the age of the student. It can be done, but there is no time to waste!

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