Public Speaking

Lack of understanding of dyslexia and its ramifications in society undermine our great efforts to guide students toward fulfilling their dreams and their potential. Too few people understand the toll this “invisible” difference makes in the lives of those affected. Yet, many with dyslexia succeed beyond their and our wildest dreams when they are properly encouraged and instructed. Enormous contributions have been made by dyslexics, now famous for their genius or inventive approach. Einstein, Disney, Leno, Branson and countless others have improved the world for all of us. Each had experienced roadblocks but overcame them. How many give up? What can we do to improve that? If 1 in 5 is affected, who in your circle experiences this? Would you or your organization like to learn more? Dyslexia Achievement founder Barbara Felix will describe what is known, what is unknown and what is needed with regard to dyslexia and reading disorders in the population.

Barbara testified at the state capitol on the identification and management of dyslexia

Barbara’s video clip begins at 3:09:34 of the committee hearing

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