Exam Prep

High stakes testing grips students and parents alike; so much rides on the outcome of such tests, and test anxiety can derail even well prepared students.  Examples of high stakes tests are college admission tests, entrance exams, pass/fail exams and annual academic placement exams.  We help to prepare a student for exams through thorough understanding of the test itself, the material to be tested and specific test techniques.

A.C.T. and S.A.T. college qualifying exams require thorough preparation; we have helped several students to prepare for these exams, resulting in improved test scores and more college options available to them.

Adult students may want to prepare for a vocational exam such as the ASVAB military entrance exam or the State Trooper Exam.  Exam prep and practice is available for such exams, specifically where the material is not of a highly specialized vocational nature.

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