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Dear Friends,

I am excited to tell you about expanded Milwaukee dyslexia tutoring services now available at Dyslexia Achievement Center, a private practice tutoring clinic serving students in the Greater Milwaukee area.  With four reading instructors on board, we are now able to assist more families who seek multisensory language instruction for their children. Math instruction is also available for students who struggle in their coursework, often a result of difficulty processing the language of mathematics.

The goal of Dyslexia Achievement Center is to help where help is needed. Every person who is tutored represents a family who is committed to supporting their young student.  We are pleased and privileged to offer services to this group of individuals and families.  Our tutoring is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach, a research based method which is highly effective in remediating dyslexia and related reading disorders.

We believe that everyone can and must read.  We can provide screenings to identify individual learning traits, personalized instruction and flexible scheduling arrangements for students and their families.  We want to ensure that every person who seeks tutoring to “crack the code” of the English language is helped to do so.

We will be pleased to talk with anyone who is interested.  Please call for more information.  Dyslexia is invisible, but creates barriers if unremediated.  We can help.


Barbara Felix, M.A., CALP

Dyslexia Assessment

An accurate assessment, completed by a credentialed professional, provides to these individuals an explanation for their difficulty.


Tutoring & Academic Support

Evidence-based instruction such as the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading is the gold standard for remediating dyslexia.


Exam Prep

We help to prepare a student for exams through thorough understanding of the test itself, the material to be tested and specific test techniques.



Parents find there is value in having an informed, professional and supportive advocate standing with them as the school or medical experts discuss their child’s future.


Public Speaking

Dyslexia Achievement founder Barbara Felix will describe what is known, what is unknown and what is needed with regard to dyslexia and reading disorders in the population.


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