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Dyslexia Achievement Center

Our locations

Just a little north of Bluemound Road in the southeast corner of Elm Grove, our first office is located in the rear of the 910 Professional Centre.

Address: 910 Elm Grove Road, Elm Grove, Wisconsin 53122

Phone: 414-949-1051


Our second office, in Delafield, is located between Angelina’s and Mazatlan restaurants on Milwaukee Street.

Address: 615C Milwaukee Street, Delafield, Wisconsin 53018

Phone: 414-949-1051

Contact our team (414-949-1051)

Tommy Baas, BA, CALP
Kathleen Bussanich, BS, CALP
Kelly Fox, BA, Adult Lit. Spec.
Barbara Felix, MA, CALP
Andrea Frankenberry M.Ed., CALP
Holly Lee, M.A. , M.S., LPC
Jill Marie Low, BA, CALP
Mary McFadden, BA, Adult Lit. Spec.
James Vyvyan, BS, MA, Business Manager


Call Us 414-949-1051, Monday through Friday