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Dyslexia Achievement Center

Our locations

Just a little north of Bluemound Road in the southeast corner of Elm Grove, our first office is located in the rear of the 910 Professional Centre.

Address: 910 Elm Grove Road, Elm Grove, Wisconsin 53122

Phone: 414-949-1051


Our second office, in Delafield, is located between Angelina’s and Mazatlan restaurants on Milwaukee Street.

Address: 615C Milwaukee Street, Delafield, Wisconsin 53018

Phone: 414-949-1051

Contact our team (414-949-1051)

Tommy Baas, BA, CALP
Kathleen Bussanich, BS, CALP
Kelly Fox, BA, Adult Lit. Spec.
Barbara Felix, MA, CALP
Andrea Frankenberry M.Ed., CALP
Jill Marie Low, BA, Lang. Arts
Mary McFadden, BA, Adult Lit. Spec.
Molly Vermiglio, BA, IMSE
James Vyvyan, BS, MA, Business Manager


Call Us 414-949-1051, Monday through Friday