Our Story

Our Mission

Dyslexia Achievement Center, LLC was founded in 2010 as a private practice tutoring clinic for dyslexic students of any age. From then until now, our mission has broadened to include individualized instruction for anyone struggling to read, write, spell, prepare for tests or achieve academic goals. We have observed that students struggle for a variety of reasons, and that specialized instruction is key in remediating these challenges. We are prepared and motivated to provide that specialized instruction.

Every struggling student represents a family who is distressed. We are pleased to offer services to this group of individuals and families. It is our pleasure and privilege to assist each person in achieving their potential and fulfilling their dreams. Our favorite words are “We Can Help”!

Our team includes four credentialed reading specialists, each trained and certified in multisensory instructional methods based on the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading. This approach consistently succeeds where others fall short. It is particularly effective with students who require individualized instruction. Whether the student has a medical diagnosis of dyslexia or a related disorder, an Individualized Educational Plan or is simply challenged to keep up with reading at grade level, our structured, phonetic multisensory lessons will accelerate progress and boost confidence for that student. Students typically begin to make progress in all subject areas; when reading improves, everything improves!

In addition, we offer math instruction that makes sense for our students. For many, math is difficult in the same way that reading is difficult; it doesn’t seem to make sense to them. We are able to instruct students who then succeed beyond their own expectations.

It is our great privilege to offer this assistance to students of all ages.


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