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Our team consists of ten experienced and credentialed reading instructors and one mathematics instructor. Each of us has educational and professional credentials relevant to the field of dyslexia and learning disabilities. What’s more, each of us has experienced first-hand the struggle of helping a loved one to achieve despite roadblocks at every turn.

We are all personally invested and professionally prepared. Each of us has sought the knowledge and skills to understand dyslexia and to help remediate it. Each of us has learned that there is more to life than school, but that school presents an enormous necessary hurdle for our students to succeed in. Each of us also knows the worry, confusion and hope that accompanies a struggling student.

Our reading instructors have earned CALP status. The credential of CALP is conferred upon those who:

  • hold a Bachelor’s degree,
  • have completed a minimum 45 hours of coursework from an IMSLEC (International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council) accredited teaching level course,
  • 60 hours of practicum (supervised instruction),
  • five documented evaluations by a supervisor, and
  • have passed the Alliance National Registration Exam at the practitioner level.

To receive CALP designation, practitioners must demonstrate:

  • knowledge of the field of dyslexia and related written-language disorders.
  • reading development and instruction.
  • structure of written language (phonology, sound/symbol association, syllable instruction, morphology, orthography, syntax, semantics, composition, written language development).
  • instructional strategies (simultaneous, multisensory, systematic and cumulative, direct instruction, diagnostic teaching, and synthetic and analytic instruction).
  • knowledge of multisensory, structured language education based on methods and multisensory structured language curricula.
  • state, federal and local learning disability and dyslexia legislation, guidelines and policies.
  • professional writing skills, practice management and ethics.

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